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Jose Aldo Launches Incredible Accusation At Dana White

Jose Aldo

Things between Jose Aldo and the UFC have become so poisonous that it’s hard to imagine the Brazilian not being cut from the promotion.

With his eyes firmly on the goal of being released from his UFC contract, Jose Aldo is certainly ticking all the right boxes in order to see that ambition realised.

Aldo has already claimed that he would intentionally take a dive in his next bout should Dana White refuse to release him from his contract. However, on Thursday evening, more quotes came to light in which the Brazilian is even more ferocious when speaking about the UFC President.

Discussing the lack of unity among Brazilian MMA fighters, Aldo claimed that Dana White once told him that if he kept his mouth shut with regard to a fighters’ union, he would ‘get a bigger piece’ of the pie.

Everything is fine as long as it happens to someone else. At the time when everyone can speak no one does, but when it happens to them, then they talk, after someone else did and had attitude. I think our class is fucking disunited, sorry about my language, but that’s it. If us, athletes, were more united, it certainly would be much better, I think noone would do everything as they please with us. It’s not just athletes, but the Brazilian people are like that, today if you tell someone: ‘brother, you gotta pay $2000, $5000, $10000 to fight in the UFC’, he will pay. It’s a fucking disunited class. You can be sure, if it was united, not just in MMA but in other fields, things would be much different for us Brazilians.

I always said, I always defended better things for the Brazilian athletes. Like in a conversation Dana told me to not take anyone’s side, because the cake would be equally split between everybody, and I could get a bigger piece of it if I kept my mouth shut.

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