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Jose Aldo Has More Weapons In His Arsenal Than Conor McGregor – Ricardo Lamas

One of Conor McGregor’s longtime verbal sparring partners, Ricardo Lamas, spoke with Submission Radio recently, and gave his opinion on the Irishman’s upcoming mega-bout with Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

Earlier in the year, the UFC’s number 4 ranked featherweight contender famously made a video entitled “‘The Delirious’ Conrad McGillicutty” which parodied McGregor’s accent and antics. This didn’t go down well with “The Notorious” one, who had some cutting words for the Chicago native at the UFC Fight Night 59 post fight presser in Boston.

“I swear I can’t even get over that video. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life”.

“He’s a big fat mess making stupid videos. Get in the gym and perform impressively and climb up that ladder”.

“You fought like a pussy when you fought Jose[Aldo]. So, eh… he’s a pussy”.

Due to his colourful history with McGregor, the hosts of the Australian MMA show asked Lamas if he was hoping for a McGregor victory, which would, according to their theory, make him more likely to get a title shot. “The Bully”, however, has not decided to join the Dubliner’s cheering section just yet.

“I’m not cheering for McGregor at all in this fight”, said Lamas. “I think Aldo has more weapons in his arsenal and I think he is going to take the fight”

While Lamas is picking Aldo to win, he isn’t completely counting McGregor out. The reason? He feels as though the Straight Blast Gym fighter’s psychological warfare may have had some impact on Aldo’s mind frame.

“I think it depends on how Aldo is going in to this fight mentally. It depends on if McGregor has gotten inside his head, and if Aldo fights with emotion or not. Because if he starts fighting with anger, he is going to make mistakes, and that’s exactly what McGregor wants. It really depends on how smart Aldo is, and how smart he fights”.

“From some of the videos that I’ve seen it does look like he’s frustrated him a little bit”.

Regardless of the outcome, however, Lamas is confident that he will one day face McGregor in the octagon – as long as Conor continues to campaign at 145lbs.

“I think a fight with me and McGregor, if he stays in the featherweight division, I think that fight is bound to happen. So whether he wins or loses I think it will happen sooner or later”.

That’s a pretty big ‘if’, Ricardo.

Lamas, who is coming off an impressive win over Diego Sanchez at UFC Monterrey, concluded the McGregor themed conversation by talking about his aforementioned and infamous parody video.

“He was talking a lot of shit about me and other people in the division, so I just wanted to put something out there. And when I see that guy, that’s what I see – that character that I did, that’s how I see him. Alot of the stuff that he says is a show for the cameras and just kind of fake. To me it’s like a funny character like that when I see him talk”.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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