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Jose Aldo: Conor McGregor Isn’t Being Drug Tested In Ireland

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor just don’t seem to trust each other.

The warring pair have traded many insults over the course of their intense rivalry, but among the most common slights that the fighter’s have levelled at each other are those related to performance enhancing drug use.

While they were on their famous world tour to promote UFC 189, at which they were originally scheduled to do battle, Aldo claimed that McGregor’s ability to make the 145lb featherweight limit was an indication of his use of prohibited substances.

“I know he has always been juiced. I want him to be tested every week. Nobody makes weight like McGregor without doping”.

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McGregor responded to this by claiming that doping was rampant in Brazil, even going so far as to say that it was culturally endemic.

“That’s in Brazil’s culture. Men and women do it. I don’t know what to think”.

Following his July 11th victory over Aldo’s replacement, Chad Mendes, McGregor once again accused the long-reigning champion of PED use. The Irishman could be heard telling Mendes that Aldo was “a juice-head”, as he consoled the Team Alpha Male representative.

Then, in September, the Irishman aired further suspicions, when he questioned whether Aldo was being tested at all while in his homeland.

“I got tested. I get tested constantly, it’s his shady ass that doesn’t get tested over there in Brazil”.

“All this corruption is still over there. Some police officer from the gym arrested the guy who was taking the test. That is the shadiest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. So, I take the test, he doesn’t. Test his ass!”

To be fair to McGregor, he had every right to feel suspicious of the protocols in place following a rather odd series of events that unfolded in the lead-up to UFC 189.

According to an article that MMAFighting published back in June, Aldo had provided a urine sample for a Nevada State Athletic Commission licensed tester, Ben Mosier, but his coach, Andre Pederneiras, contacted Brazilian authorities to express doubt over Mosier’s credentials. It turned out that Mosier did not possess a visa to work in the country, and thus, the sample had to be discarded.

In response to McGregor’s allegations, however, Aldo posted a picture to Instagram in which he could be seen holding proof that he had just been drug tested. The post also included a taunting message.

 Today, Brazilian MMA website Combate have reported on the latest episode in this ‘tit for tat’ saga. During a recent media event at Nova Uniao, Aldo claimed that McGregor was not being tested in Ireland.

“He is not being tested in Ireland. I don’t even know if they have a commission. This commission had to be from Vegas or somewhere. We proposed; as he asked so much, to be tested every week, both I and he, at the same time, but it didn’t happen. I’m being tested directly, they come here in the gym, I don’t see any problem”.

The official records, however, contradict this claim. According to the United States Anti-Doping Agency, both men had been tested four times prior to November 23rd.

Aldo’s count will move to five, though, as he has once again posted photographic proof of a test to his Instagram account.


Mais um teste pra conta!!


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