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John Kavanagh Takes A Not-So-Subtle Dig At Jose Aldo And His Drug Test “Selfies”

John Kavanagh wasn’t about to let Jose Aldo get away with slinging false accusations around regarding the drug testing that Conor McGregor has undergone in the lead up to UFC 194.

Last week, in an interview with Combate, the Brazilian expressed his belief that, whilst training in Dublin, McGregor was not being subjected to the same stringent level of drug testing that he was. He even went on to question whether there existed in Ireland a body to carry out the protocols.

“He is not being tested in Ireland. I don’t even know if they have a commission”, said Aldo.

It wasn’t the first time that the long-reigning featherweight king had made such a suggestion. Following a drug test back in September, Aldo posted a photograph to Instagram in which he can be seen holding proof of his contribution. Accompanying the picture, there was a message.

“Hey, Irish sucker. Have you already done your drug test or they don’t have it in Ireland? I DID IT TODAY! I wanna do it again next week! How about you? Are you ready for it, you punk?!?”

Considering the unsavoury incident that happened in Brazil earlier this year, which led to one of Aldo’s urine samples being discarded, it seems a little hypocritical for the South American “Scarface” to be launching such attacks.

In a column on the42 today, however, McGregor’s mentor and coach, John Kavanagh, hit back at Aldo in a not-so-subtle manner. The Straight Blast Gym Ireland founder cleared up any confusion regarding who was in charge of conducting the testing of Irish fighters, and advised any doubters to examine the official United States Anti-Doping Agency online records.

“The Irish Sports Council are employed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency — who oversee the UFC’s drug-testing programme — to carry out the tests in Ireland and they’ve been at the gym numerous times over the last few weeks and months. Unlike some other fighters, we just don’t feel the need to make a social media announcement about it”.

“A record of who has been tested — and when — is available to view on USADA’s website, so the information is there for all to see. I’ll tell you what the Irish Sports Council aren’t doing; they’re not asking for selfies at the end of a urine test or destroying samples, and we’re not getting the police involved or asking for visas and permits. We carry out the tests, as required, and then we carry on with our training. Simple”.

Well handled, John.

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