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Proud John Kavanagh Posts A Timely Reminder Of Conor McGregor’s Phenomenal Achievements

It’s an unfortunate reality that in MMA or boxing the old cliche “you’re only as good as your last performance” holds true more than in most other sports.

Maybe it’s down to how infrequently high-level fighters compete compared to their counterparts in other fields and the fact that a loss tends to be a much more humbling experience. But whatever the reason, when a combat sports athlete suffers a defeat, the memories of their past achievements evaporate with alarming speed.

If they don’t disappear into the ether, they are deconstructed by revisionism and new meanings become attached.

Perhaps mindful of the fact that his student’s remarkable rise to super-stardom was about to be subjected to such treatment, John Kavanagh took to Twitter in the aftermath of UFC 196 with a timely reminder to the MMA world of just how remarkable Conor McGregor’s rise has been.

It’s succinct, but it’s hard to imagine anybody could put it better.

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Author: The PA Team

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