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John Kavanagh Explains Exactly How Conor McGregor Plans To Beat Floyd Mayweather

With the world waiting for an official confirmation of the proposed super-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, John Kavanagh has explained exactly how they plan to approach the fight.

When the first rumours of a cross over bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather emerged, purists from both the boxing and MMA worlds immediately dismissed the bout as a circus.

In a boxing ring, Floyd Mayweather would cruise to victory. In the octagon, Conor McGregor would easily finish the boxer… That was the initial consensus and as the fight has developed from a nonsensical rumour to a borderline certainty, that has remained to be the case.

However, speaking about the proposed bout to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, John Kavanagh explained that the ‘Notorious’ Irishman very much plans on winning the fight and that they have already mapped out their approach to the bout.

For Kavanagh, approaching the fight like a boxer would be walking right into Mayweather’s trap while, taking an MMA style striking approach could throw the boxer and give McGregor an edge.

I have a pretty good idea on how I see the fight going. Over the next three to four months, we need to put that plan into action. Drill it. See how it works in the gym. Mix and match the plan until we have it right for the night of the fight.

I will say this: Mayweather has proven himself to be perfect against guys who have trained purely in boxing…

We’re not going to spend 10 to 12 years doing something one way and then, because it’s a boxing fight, change everything for three months and beat the best defensive boxer of all time. No. We’ve got to come at this with an MMA striking strategy.

Of course, hands only, but maybe there are things we can do from an MMA perspective, which, if people study boxing from the early 20th century, those things were a bigger part in the boxing game than they are today. We’re bringing an old-school boxing approach.

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