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Watch: When Joe Rogan Said Jose Aldo Looked ‘Nervous As F**k’ At UFC 194

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The unintended recording of Joe Rogan passing remarks about Jose Aldo’s physique at ringside caused quite a stir when it was leaked shortly after UFC 194 in December of 2015.

Speaking off air before the titanic Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo fight, Joe Rogan stated that the then reigning UFC featherweight champion did not look to be in as good physical condition as previous fights.

Having previously commented on some suspect circumstances which apparently saw Aldo skipping a PED test in Brazil, Rogan’s comments were seen as controversial as they seemed to suggest that the commentator was suspicious of Aldo’s physique.

The transcript from Rogan speaking to the production team at UFC 194 is seen as follows ;

Rogan: Look how smooth his body looks.
Producer: Yeah, he looks good, huh Joe?
Rogan: No, he looks soft.
Producer: Oh he does?
Rogan: Yeah, he looks soft.
Producer: Around the middle you’re saying?
Rogan: He looks deflated.
Rogan: He looks way different. But it could be that he’s done a lot of cardio. Don’t want to jump to conclusions. (Possible reference to the PED speculation)
Rogan: Aldo looks nervous as f*ck too.

The final comment made by Rogan about Aldo looking “nervous as f*ck” is certainly up to personal interpretation. One could argue that Aldo appeared to be nervous due to the gravity of the challenge that lay ahead of him, another could argue that the countless hours of mind games and taunting by McGregor had finally taken its toll on Aldo, and he couldn’t suppress his nerves as he approached the octagon.

It could be said that Rogan who has since issued an apology about the comments, was spot on with his interpretation of Aldo’s body language as McGregor recorded a famous knockout victory after just 13 seconds in the UFC 194 main event.

Whatever the reason behind Aldo’s supposed nerves or Rogan’s reason for commenting on them, the audio still makes a fascinating listen and can be heard below;

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