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Joe Rogan Discusses Whether Conor McGregor’s Transcending Of MMA Has Ruined The Sport Or Not

On a recent podcast with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen as guests, Joe Rogan discussed whether or not the effect Conor McGregor has had on the sport of mixed martial arts has ruined the sport. 

There is no denying that Conor is a polarising figure who has transcended the MMA game since his rise to prominence in the UFC. The world of mixed martial arts has seen fighters with star power such as Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar in the past but none with the ability to attract eyes to the sport from the mainstream as well as McGregor.

His fight against Floyd Mayweather in August is an example of the unprecedented calibre of pull the Irishman has for a UFC fighter.

If any other fighter under the promotion had even suggested the idea of crossing over to take on the undefeated kingpin of boxing at his own game, Dana White and co would have laughed. Yet, here we are four months removed from arguably the biggest spectacle combat sports has ever seen, still dissecting what occurred in the T-Mobile Arena on August 26.

While from a sporting point of view the venture proved unfruitful for McGregor, in every other realm the opposite is true, particularly financially. To accompany the hefty paycheque received by the 29-year-old, he now stands in a position where he has more shot-calling power than any other fighter under the UFC banner in history.

Rogan, Schaub and Callen discuss this predicament at length in the clip below, arguing whether or not allowing Conor to rise into such a monumental star has negatively influenced the UFC and MMA as a whole. Some really interesting points are made.

Check it out for yourself in this clip:

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