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Joe Rogan Apologises To Ariel Helwani After Accidentally Stealing His Podcast Name

Joe Rogan has apologised to Ariel Helwani for giving his new MMA podcast the same name as the famous MMA journalist’s show. 

Joe Rogan runs one of the most successful podcasts in the world titled ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. During the free video and audio show, the American comedian and commentator discusses a range of topics ranging from conspiracy theories to weekly entertainment scandals.

However, given his knowledge of mixed martial arts and his position as lead commentator with the UFC, Rogan often finds himself discussing MMA and even runs a separate dedicated UFC podcast titled ‘Fight Companion’.

The Fight Companion show consists of himself and some friends from the MMA world watching a UFC show and chatting as the fights are going on. However, the nature of the show is quite informal and there is no real structure in terms of talking points or interviews.

As such, Rogan recently announced that he would be launching a new podcast dedicated to discussing the goings on in the MMA world. However, there was some bewildered reaction when Rogan announced that the podcast would be named the ‘JRE MMA Hour’.

The MMA Hour is undoubtedly the most listened to and highly regarded podcast in the world of mixed martial arts and is hosted on a weekly basis by the award-winning Ariel Helwani. As such, it seemed somewhat odd that Rogan would decide to take Helwani’s podcast name in launching his new show.

However, the matter has now been cleared up as Rogan announced that he simply forgot what Helwani’s show was titled when he named his new podcast and would immediately be changing it out of respect for the MMAFighting journalist.

Although the initial reactions from fans ranged from hilarious to outraged, Helwani has already responded to the tweet accepting Rogan’s apology and all is right in the MMA podcast world once again.

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