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Instagram: Conor McGregor – “I Am Not A Company Man. I Am The Company”

McGregor doesn't see failure as an option.

The Dublin-based portion of Conor McGregor’s UFC 194 preparation is at an end, as today the Irishman flies out of his hometown en-route to the United States.

“The Notorious” didn’t go quietly though.

The UFC’s interim-featherweight champion took to his various social media accounts to inform fans of his imminent departure. It wasn’t simply a farewell to the ‘auld sod’ or his legions of fans, however. It also served as a not so subtle reminder of the magnitude of his recent successes, expressed as they usually are in the form of some big numbers.

McGregor predicted that UFC 194 will generate “$90-100 million” and will move him close to the $200 million mark in terms of total revenue generated during his time with MMA’s biggest promotion.

“All in less than 6 months”, added Conor.

Though Conor likes to talk the talk and has regularly referred to himself as “the king of the numbers”, you get the sense that posts like these are more than just braggadocio.

When he was a guest on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani last month, McGregor spoke about a massive contract that he claimed was “en-route”. “The contract I’m talking is nine-figures”, stated the Dubliner. He also clearly illustrated to Helwani that he was well aware of his value to the company by quoting the facts and figures of his most recent appearances.

Though most people scoffed at the idea of such a contract being offered to any fighter in a the UFC, McGregor seemed confident that his numbers would do the negotiating for him.

This social media post, it would appear, is another reminder to the company’s head-honcho’s that he is aware of the bigger picture.

“I am not a company man”, stated McGregor. “I am the company”.

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