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INFOGRAPHIC: Conor McGregor, Can You Smell That Money?

Since joining the UFC, Conor McGregor has been earning some serious dough. Here’s the breakdown of the earnings we know of. 


Can you smell that money, that was the question McGregor posed just yesterday in one of his latest UFC Embedded videos. The fighting Irishman is earning and earning and earning. ‘The Notorious’ is only 21 months into his UFC career since that first fight back in April of 2013.

But since then, McGregor has been claimed some hefty prize money. Check out our infographic on Conor’s UFC earnings.

McGregor Earnings


The good news for McGregor is that this is likely all LESS than what he’s actually earned in this time. The figures above only relate to direct UFC payments as a result of his fights. That means it doesn’t account for any cash Conor Mcgregor made from his first documentary or his upcoming 6-part RTE Commissioned documentary.

Then of course there’s the Conor McGregor clothing brand ‘Dethrone’ or of course the numerous sponsorship deals he has. Reebok are the latest to sign up the Irishman.

Right now, details of the contract are unknown but given Conor mcGregor’s rise and his love of Louis Copeland, he probably didn’t come cheap.


Sean Curtin, Pundit Arena

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