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“I Couldn’t Stand-Up Straight” – Conor McGregor Reveals The Severity Of His Pre-UFC 189 Knee Injury

During last night’s interview with Ariel Helwani, Conor McGregor revealed the true extent of his pre-UFC 189 injury troubles.

“The Notorious” Irishman’s coach, John Kavanagh, had divulged information about the situation in the past. The Straight Blast Gym Ireland head man stated that Conor had been unable to engage in any “live” MMA or wrestling training during camp.

According to the fighter himself, however, it was even worse than that.

“I couldn’t walk. I could not walk! There was a period during camp where I couldn’t even stand-up”, said McGregor.

Conor attributed the knee problem to the fact that his media obligations forced him into an alien training environment and schedule, alongside unfamiliar sparring partners.

“I went travelling on the world tour, and I got injured on the world tour training with unfamiliar bodies in a competitive atmosphere. This game breaks you down enough. You must find comfort with your training partners. It’s about making it to the contest, keeping your body fresh, and your mind sharp.”

McGregor claimed that he has learned a lesson from his tribulations, and those of his original opponent Jose Aldo, who was also injured by an irregular sparring mate.

For this camp, he is going to stay in Dublin.

“I don’t get into better shape anywhere else except home. When I train at home, and with the bodies and the people I have back home. And the coaches, and every thing back home – I enter the octagon like an animal. With that last one, with what I was faced with, and the work ethic, and the injuries, and this and that – I essentially went into that octagon on one leg. Now I feel I am home, and I feel coming through that adversity I have gained three new legs. I feel like I will enter this fight with four legs.

If he manages to grow a couple more limbs, Anderson Silva will have to relinquish that “Spider” nickname.

The “reinvigorated” McGregor predicted that with a smooth training camp behind him that he would ready to “destroy” Aldo and “lay claim to that pound for pound number one spot” at UFC 194.

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