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‘This Guy’s Been Trying To Bully Me The Whole Time’ – Max Holloway Snaps Over McGregor Talk

Max Holloway has had it with his never-ending social war with Conor McGregor…

It’s been almost five years since Max Holloway suffered a unanimous decision loss to Conor McGregor at a UFC Fight Night event in Boston. Since then, ‘Blessed’ has gone on a phenomenal 12 fight winning streak which has seen him crowned as the promotion’s new 145lbs champion.

However, despite his seemingly invincible status at present, the shadow of the 26-year-old’s loss to McGregor still incessantly hangs over his career with the Irishman himself constantly reminding the Holloway of their 2013 battle.

Speaking on The MMA Hour last Monday night, the Hawaain said that he was fed up of the SBG man’s ceaseless jabbing on social media and essentially accused McGregor of using his star power to bully the lesser known UFC champion.

“The guy keeps jabbing at me and jabbing at me, or whatever, and every time I reply they’re like, ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you replying?

“I’m like, ‘Did you guys ever get picked on? You guys like getting picked on? Stand up for your damn self.’ Then the one time I finally — this guy goes and throws a juicy underhand pitch, I take a swing at it and hit it out of the park, and everybody’s all salty. They’re like, ‘Aw, you’re looking for a money [fight].’

“I ain’t looking for a money fight. This guy’s been trying to bully me the whole time. He’s enjoying his retired life, talking about all this kind of wild stuff, and then the one time I attack him, you guys get on me. Get out of here with that stuff. I know what’s on the timetable, and the timetable right now is (Brian) Ortega, so that’s my full focus.”

However, despite the fact that Holloway is clearly fed up of McGregor’s behaviour on social media, ‘Blessed’ also admitted that if the ‘Notorious’ actually wanted to settle the score in the Octagon, he is more than ready.

“If that guy wants to fight, I would see a contract.”

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