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Frankie Edgar’s Manager Lays Into Conor McGregor On Twitter, This Time From His Own Account

Frankie Edgar’s outspoken manager Ali Abdel-Aziz has been bashing Conor McGregor on Twitter again, but this time he is doing it from his own account.

Just before Christmas, a number of tweets that were sent out from Edgar’s official account pertaining to the subject of a potential bout between he and Conor McGregor grabbed the attention of the MMA community due to their uncharacteristic nature.

Posts like the ones below just didn’t seem to fit with the New Jersey native’s regular persona.

Then the ball dropped.

Seemingly forgetting which Twitter account he was logged into, Abdel-Aziz replied to a question directed at his client, and he did so in the first person.

H/T SevereMMA.

Frankie later admitted on an episode of The MMA Hour that Abdel-Aziz had been the one behind the trash-talking tirade that had taken over his Twitter feed, and explained how the strange situation had arisen.

“I believe it was the day before Christmas Eve,” said Edgar. “And Ali’s like, ‘brother, you need to do a Q&A, you need to do a Q&A.’ I said, I don’t feel like doing it. He said, do you care if I do it? I said go ahead. He’s like, I’m going to peg Lorenzo [Fertitta], Conor, blah blah blah, and I said, yes, go for it”.

Unmasked as the dastardly mastermind behind the plot, Abdel-Aziz has returned to posting solely on his own account. But he hasn’t eased off on denigrating McGregor.

Over the last couple of days, the manager has been trashing the Irishman for “running” from “The Answer”. Though he doesn’t mention McGregor by name, it is fairly clear who he is alluding to in the tweets below.

Powerful stuff.

The strangest part in all this is that the opponent Conor looks likely to face instead of Edgar, Rafael dos Anjos, is also a client of Abdel-Aziz.

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