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Frankie Edgar Explains What Conor McGregor Must Do To Silence Doubters

Since Conor McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, a number of haters have risen from the woodwork criticizing the featherweight champion and questioning his ability.

Jose Aldo and Rafael Dos Anjos have perhaps fired the most substantial amount of hate at the ‘Notorious’ Irishman with Aldo calling McGregor a ‘pussy’ in a tweet sent out immediately after the Irishman’s loss while Dos Anjos has recently stated that ‘he’s a lion when he’s punching someone, but when people punch him he’s a cat.” The lightweight champion went on to claim that McGregor has “a chicken heart.

McGregor himself has stated that he will now look to go back down to silence his critics in the 145 pound division and, releasing a statement the day after his submission loss to Nate Diaz, he was quick to strike back at Aldo and Dos Anjos in particular.

“Aldo you are a pussy. Dos Anjos you are a pussy.
When the history books are written, I showed up. You showed up on Twitter.”

However, it seems that another man also has McGregor’s attention. At present, it seems inevitable that the featherweight champion will defend his crown against either Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. However, speaking to MMA Junkie, Frankie Edgar claimed that there is only one way that McGregor can silence his critics, and that is not via a rematch with a man he has already obliterated.

“Now he has doubters. He always had haters. Now, after a performance like that, he’s going to have even more haters. You want to prove those people wrong? Come in here and beat me. He does that, he’s going to silence those doubters. He goes and beats Aldo; he’s not going to silence anybody. People are still going to question him against me.”

“I don’t know if McGregor feels more comfortable because he knows he just beat Aldo the way he did. I don’t want to say scared, or coward, or whatever, but I just think that I’m the fight that would prove the doubters wrong.”

There’s a while to go yet before McGregor’s next fight will be confirmed. However, despite a rematch with Aldo being the bookies’ favourite, it seems Frankie Edgar is quite certain that he should be next in line for the featherweight champion.

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