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Floyd Mayweather Reveals How Much Money He Will Make From Conor McGregor Fight

The highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor mega fight on August 26 in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas is expected to smash pay-per-view records across the globe. 

If the upcoming event does indeed go on to smash the all-time buy-rate record of 4.5 million, which is held by Mayweather for his Manny Pacquiao bout in May 2015, both fighters stand to earn an astronomical amount of money. Granted, even if the PPV sales fall short of that monumental figure, it is certain to do huge numbers, with both competitors guaranteed to have their pockets lined come the close of August 26.

While the monetary subject of the contract for the bout remains undisclosed, all parties involved have made no secret of the fact that this deal is a lucrative one, to put it lightly.

McGregor is set to earn more cash than he could ever have dreamed of making in one UFC fight. The reported figure that the MMA star will walk away with from his professional boxing debut is said to be in the region of $100 million. He did admit at the final leg of the promotional world press tour for the boxing match in London last month that he will quadruple his net worth for throwing down with his 40-year-old opponent.

It goes without saying that Mayweather, along with the Irishman, will yet again be laughing all the way to the bank. Of course, he isn’t known as ‘Money’ for nothing.

That nickname, coined to Floyd, formerly known as ‘Pretty Boy’, was well earned during his career as a pro in the boxing game, spanning over 20 years. The man whose boxing resum√© 49-0 topped the Forbes list of the world’s richest athletes by a comfortable distance when he was active.

Now, coming out of retirement for one final challenge, the ex-pound for pound king of the sport will attempt to down his Irish opponent and extend his pristine record to a legendary 50-0, surpassing the great Rocky Marciano’s record, before cashing another titanic sized cheque.

So, how much does ‘Money May’ expect to rack up in total revenue from his showdown with ‘The Notorious’ when all is said and done?

Upwards of a staggering $300 million.

It is believed that Mayweather’s income was in a similar ball park for the historic Pacquiao fight, and if his educated estimate is to come to fruition this time around, the American will see his total career earnings clear the $1 billion by a safe distance.

Check out Floyd discuss what he expects to earn from his fight with Conor in the clip below, taken from Showtime’s All Access, as TMZ break down that biblical $300 million wager.

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Author: The PA Team

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