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Floyd Mayweather Is Extremely Late To The Party With His Latest Swipe At Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has taken a swipe at Conor McGregor via social media but it is clear he has just learned of old news concerning his foe.

It appears the pair’s rivalry is far from over.

Soon after Mayweather overcame McGregor in the latter’s professional boxing debut last August, the undefeated kingpin of the sport stated that his beef with the Irishman had been settled with that result.

That appears to be far from true if either man’s social media activity is to be taken seriously.

Conor has been firing pops Floyd’s way of late, and upped the ante when speculation of a Mayweather venture into the world of mixed martial arts began to gather momentum in recent weeks.

When the 40-year-old American addressed those rumours, stating “I’m not doing it,” the UFC lightweight champion indirectly labelled him a “pussy,” clearly eager for Floyd to return the favour and enter his domain, just as the Dubliner did for his opponent on August 26.

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Well, Mayweather has responded via Twitter and Instagram today.

Although he is extremely late to the party with his jibe, the Nevada resident clearly still has his last opponent on his mind.

In November, wild rumours circulated about McGregor’s involvement in a bar brawl in his hometown which had reportedly landed him in trouble with some heavy criminal gangs from the area. For all intents and purposes it appears that those rumours appear to be completely false, with UFC president labelling them “complete bullsh*t” following a conversation with Conor.

While the story was a hot topic for a brief stint well over a month ago now, it has since cooled down and the subject had been cast aside with McGregor’s return to fighting in 2018 now well and truly at the forefront of his followers minds.

For some reason, Mayweather felt it was appropriate to comment on the aforementioned reports now.

Does this attempt at keeping the feud running mean ‘Money’ is angling for a rematch, be that in boxing or MMA, with ‘The Notorious’?

Watch this space.

* Update:

Conor has responded with this tongue-in-cheek reply:



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