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Fascinating New Video Analyses Whether Or Not McGregor’s KO Win Vs Aldo Was A Fluke

It’s roughly a year and a half since Conor McGregor shocked the world and became UFC featherweight champion.

Ever since this now infamous knockout, the debate has raged between fans as to whether or not this was a fluke.

Fans of McGregor will argue that it was in no way down to luck and will point to the backstage clip of McGregor practicing the exact shot which had Jose Aldo on the canvas. A legitimate argument indeed, however it may have been one of several shots he practiced.

Those in opposition will of course claim the shot was a fluke and that Aldo would not suffer the same fate in a rematch. Also a legitimate possibility, however it looks increasingly likely we may never see this rematch.

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 12: Jose Aldo walks across the Octagon after losing to Conor McGregor in their featherweight title fight during UFC 194 on December 12, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. McGregor took the title with a first-round TKO. (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

So, where does this leave us? Will we ever know the answer to this question? Well one fan has put together an interesting video to try and solve this mystery.

In the video, the point being portrayed is that this knockout was no fluke. It covers every angle, from previous McGregor fights to previous Aldo ones.

Having watched the video it is very difficult to argue that it was a lucky punch.

The Kenny Florian fight is relevant as he is almost identical to McGregor in terms of height, reach and stance. In this fight, Aldo also uses the same move which saw him knocked out by the Dubliner.

We also see ‘The Notorious’ use the same move which knocked Aldo out against other opponents. Perhaps most interesting, is how McGregor baits his opponents in to be countered.

Take a look at the video and make up your own mind.

Kevin Daly, Pundit Arena

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