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Fans Decidedly Underwhelmed By News That Conor McGregor May Take A Year Out

MMA fans have been speculating for a week now over UFC president Dana White’s ‘bombshell’ that Conor McGregor was set to make a ‘left field’ announcement following his lightweight title fight with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

Overnight it was revealed by reliable MMA insider @TalkMMA that sources told him that McGregor was set to take a year out from the sport to focus on becoming a parent with his partner Dee Devlin.

Online chatter had roundly predicted just such a scenario, along with suggestions that he is headed for Hollywood, where he is set to pop a marriage proposal, some saying to Ms. Devlin, others saying to Dana White.

Now with the future a little clearer for fans, their reaction to the news has been mostly supportive, if somewhat underwhelmed.

Some took a more cynical approach to the news.

Others were quick to question the status of McGregor as featherweight and potentially, lightweight champion, should he step away for a year.

As ever, Conor McGregor divides opinion. If he is indeed set to step back from the octagon to focus on imminent parenthood then that is his decision. Truth be told he owes the UFC nothing.

Since his arrival in the promotion he has been a money making machine. His ability to charm mainstream media has brought untold riches and has opened up the world of MMA to a whole new audience.

In the octagon, he has delivered on his word. He has conquered just as he promised he would.

Who could begrudge him to some off to enjoy the fruits of his labour?

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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