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Donald Cerrone Talks Recent Missed Drug Test, And Why He Has An Exemption From IV Ban

United States Anti-Doping Agency drug testers showed up at Donald Cerrone’s house recently, only to discover that “Cowboy” had up and gone to Las Vegas. According to Cerrone that technically means that he failed the test.

The fighter revealed the details of the situation on Pirate Radio with Tait Fletcher. “They were like – ‘where are you?’ – and I was like – ‘I’m in Vegas’. And they were like – ‘we’re at your house’. And I was like – ‘well that sucks'”.

And PunditArena was like – ‘why does Donald Cerrone talk like a teenage girl?’

The lightweight continued, “so I got a fail – I failed my drug test”. Cerrone, however, is slightly exaggerating the seriousness of his offence. The fighter actually received what the Agency calls a “Whereabouts failure”, for neglecting to report his location to USADA ahead of time.

According to the USADA website, the policy on such failures is as follows:

“Any combination of three whereabouts failures (filing failures and/or missed tests), declared by USADA, WADA or an IF, within an 12 month period = Anti-Doping Rule Violation”.

So essentially Cerrone receives a slap on the wrist, and his December 19th UFC lightweight title bout with Rafael dos Anjos will be in no way effected by the missed test.

The podcast interview also revealed another interesting piece of information, though. This time regarding the current IV ban.

Cerrone stated that while other fighters in the UFC are no longer permitted to re-hydrate via intravenous methods following weigh-ins, he has been given an exemption. The Colorado native explained that due to the fact he is “missing 50 feet of intestines and half a stomach”, and thus can’t re-hydrate as efficiently as most other athletes, the UFC have granted him permission to use an IV post weigh-in.

Cerrone explained that surgery to remove parts of his digestive tract was necessitated by injuries suffered in a quad-bike accident.

You can check out the relevant section of the podcast here, courtesy of MMADigest.

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