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Does Nate Diaz Have A Point With His Latest Salty Comments About Conor McGregor?

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Alongside Paulie Malignaggi, it seems Nate Diaz is still unable to move on from Conor McGregor’s boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather.

It’s been ten days already since the UFC lightweight champion suffered a tenth round TKO against the now 50 – 0 American and while the Irishman has made no excuses about the loss or his inability to maintain his stamina, both Malignaggi and Diaz continue to sound off like two petulant children.

While the former two-weight boxing champion is eager to tell everyone who will listen, and those who don’t, that McGregor did not rough him up in sparring, Diaz has been highly critical of his two-time foe regarding his conditioning and endurance in the ring.

While it may well be a timely post to keep the fires of interest burning for the mooted trilogy fight with the Irishman, his latest comments, though salty as ever, do at the very least, make you ask if the Stockton fighter might actually have a point.

When Diaz first faced McGregor at UFC 196 back in March of 2015, it was all one-way traffic in the opening stanza. The then featherweight king, fighting at welterweight, used his heavy hands to batter and bloody the bigger man.

By the second round, however, McGregor’s efforts took their toll and he fatigued dramatically, ultimately losing by a vicious rear-naked choke and the hands of Diaz, in what was his first defeat in the UFC.

While he came back and redeemed himself in a five-round war at UFC 202 in August of 2015, a result Diaz continues to dispute, questions over McGregor’s endurance were front and centre once more against Mayweather.

Using the phrase made famous by his coach John Kavanagh, McGregor has insisted he doesn’t lose. Instead, he either wins or learns.

It was this very point Diaz has taken exception to in his latest vitriolic Instagram update. Insisting McGregor ‘punched himself out’ against Mayweather, the American claims there was ‘no learning goin on’.

Taking a dig at the sideshow that was the promotional tour prior to the August 26th clash, Diaz doesn’t mince his words, claiming it was ‘bullshit’.

He finished by stating that ‘Bruce Lee would’ve never lost like that’, a reference that clearly harks back to McGregor’s own Bruce Lee references prior to his boxing debut.

Cutting through the hate levelled at McGregor, Diaz does actually appear to be making a valid point regarding McGregor.

Has the Irishman indeed failed to learn from his mistakes of UFC 196? He certainly did appear to rectify his conditioning for the second Diaz clash, despite tiring late on. Then against Mayweather, he dramatically gassed out early once more.

While McGregor has given honest, frank and plausible explanations for his failures in the ring, is Diaz right to call him out for failing to learn?

Or, as may also be the case, is he just poking McGregor with a stick in order to drum up some hype over a possible third, and highly lucrative, clash in the octagon?

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