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Demetrious Johnson Says He’d Happily Get Knocked Out By Conor McGregor

This past weekend at UFC on Fox 24, Demetrious Johnson once again solidified his place as the pound-for-pound king with a flawless victory over Wilson Reis.

With that phenomenal performance came the equalling of Anderson Silva’s record of ten consecutive title defences and during his post-fight press conference (via MMAFightingonSBN), the flyweight ace was unsurprisingly asked who his ideal opponent would be for the historic record-breaking defence.

Johnson initially gave a tongue in cheek answer of Chael Sonnen, ‘because he will sell the hell out of the pay-per-view,’ before switching his attention to an equally unrealistic opponent in the form of the UFC’s biggest cash cow, Conor McGregor.

‘Mighty Mouse’ justified his choice by suggesting that he will genuinely fight anyone on the roster and that a conceivable knockout from the Notorious one would be welcomed given the enormous financial windfall that would come his way.

“Or Conor McGregor. Nowadays everybody is talking about big money fights, right? Big money fights. Truly, I am not afraid of one man in this whole UFC Octagon roster. I truly don’t care. What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen to me? I lose. I get knocked out?

“Dude, I will f***ing fight Conor McGregor for the biggest payday of my life. If I get knocked out, perfect. Thanks, Conor. You weigh 170 pounds, but guess what? I’m going to be laughing all the way to the bank.”

Johnson went on to defend himself against people who criticise his drawing power and in the process it seems he took a swipe at the always controversial former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

“I’m not looking for people to put that vote on me to be prom king of the UFC. I’m out here to show I’m the best fighter in the world and I think I showed that tonight by going out and dominating a world-class grappler. I don’t think I got touched on the feet.

“Striving for more as the champion, a lot of champions go in there and they think they know what they’re doing and they don’t trust their coaches and they jump camp to camp. For me, I stay focused and believe in my coaches.

“I don’t bash my company. I don’t bash my opponents. I don’t miss weight, I’ve never done any drugs. I’m not at home beating my wife, crashing my car, doing cocaine, all that stuff. I’m not asking for a lot. All I do is go home, drink beer, play video games, and change diapers.”

David O’Donovan, Pundit Arena

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