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Watch: Daniel Cormier And Jon Jones Engage In Uncomfortably Tense Interview With Brian Stann

Jon Jones seemed to be in an intensely foul mood on Saturday night, when he and UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier spoke to UFC analyst Brian Stann via satellite from separate locations.

Jones’ responses to Stann’s questions were often curt and he sat with a blank expression on his face throughout most of the interview.

Earlier in the week, Jones had suggested to Duane Finley of FloCombat that he would be willing to consider a friendship with Cormier in the aftermath of their upcoming rematch.

“This rivalry ends at UFC 214 and after [the fight] I honestly have no problem with Daniel Cormier,” he said. “If he wants to be friends, be a sportsman and realize I’m just the better fighter, that would be great. It would show a lot about who he is. I doubt he’ll do that though based on how he acted the first time I beat him.”

When asked by Stann if he could envisage squashing his beef with Cormier however, Jones emphatically dismissed the idea.

“Fuck D.C,” said the former champion, much to Cormier’s amusement.

“I have no desire to be friends with him,” said Cormier in response. “In terms of respect for his abilities, sure, he is a great fighter, I’ve always said he’s a great fighter. But every time, going forward, we see each other, there are always going to be issues because either I’m going to smack him upside his head or something’s going to happen. We are not going to be friends and we are never going to be able to be in the same space because there are always going to be issues. Because he’s a punk.”

When Stann wrapped up the interview, Jones didn’t utter a parting word, he simply stood up and walked off camera.

The fight is now less than a week away.

You can watch the interview, which aired during the UFC on Fox 25 broadcast, in it’s entirety below…

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Author: The PA Team

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