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José Aldo Reveals Ludicrous Pay Demands Of Georges St-Pierre To Fight Conor McGregor At UFC 202

José Aldo has demanded to be released from his UFC contract following the announcement that Conor McGregor will take on Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

Aggrieved by UFC president Dana White’s decision to allow McGregor remain as featherweight champion, after originally stating he should either fight Aldo or give up his belt, the Brazilian is ready to walk away from the sport.

As it turns out, the former featherweight king is ready to drop a few truth bombs as he leaves the building.

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According to the Bloody Elbow, Aldo has reportedly revealed in an interview to Combate, that while White was attempting to organise an UFC 202 headline fight between the former pound-for-pound king Georges St-Pierre and McGregor, the French Canadian was demanding an astonishing $10 million from the UFC boss.

“I think that my life and the whole featherweight division needs to keep going, not being stalled while he (McGregor) does three fights in the lightweight division.”

“Another one that he wanted to do, make a super fight with Georges St-Pierre, which didn’t work out because Georges wanted 10 million dollars and Dana didn’t want to pay it. So he still put him with Nate for the second time. So for me, Dana’s word is worthless.”

White promptly rejecting this ludicrous fee demand and McGregor was allowed to face Nate Diaz for a second time at August’s event. As it turned out, McGregor – Diaz 2 became one of the greatest ever fights in the UFC and cemented McGregor’s status as the biggest name in the game.

For Aldo, uncertainty now awaits. Seemingly ready to leave the octagon behind and full resentment towards White and UFC, who knows just what else the Brazilian knows about the inner workings of the promotion and what he might reveal in the coming days and weeks.

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