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Dana White Has Taken Drastic Measures As A Result Of Chaos At McGregor/Diaz Presser

On Wednesday evening, MMA fans around the world watched on in disbelief as the UFC 202 press conference descended into anarchy. 

Dana White already appeared frustrated after Conor McGregor failed to show up on time for the conference and the UFC President was forced to start without him. However, if White thought that was bad, far worse was to come.

The Notorious had hardly sat down when Diaz bizarrely stormed off the stage and began to strut out of the room with his entourage. On his way out however, the Stockton native hurled abuse at McGregor and eventually, he began to hurl much more than that.

“Hey, f— your whole team, how about that?” Diaz shouted.

“F— your whole team, little crackhead essays!” McGregor fired back without missing a beat. “You’ll do nothing. Shut your f—ing mouth. You’ll do nothing. You’ll do f—ing nothing. Not one of you will do nothing. Get the f— out of here.”

As it turns out, Diaz was in actual fact, going to do something.

He first threw what appeared to be a water bottle before, McGregor quickly jumped from his chair and everything from rolls of tape to cans of Monster were seemingly flung between the opposing sides.

McGregor Monster

Now, as a result of the disgraceful scenes which unfolded, Dana White has taken preemptive action in an attempt to ensure that a similar melee does not break out at Friday evening’s weigh-ins.

Speaking on ESPN’s Sports Centre, the UFC President announced that both the McGregor and Diaz teams will be banned from attending the weigh-ins, with only the fighters themselves allowed to be present.

Neither camp has reacted to the news as of yet but, regardless of their teams’ absences, there’s sure to be fireworks with the two stars of the show present.

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Author: The PA Team

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