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Watch: Dana White Drops Seriously Worrying Update On Mayweather/McGregor Negotiations

UFC President, Dana White and Floyd Mayweather have been speaking to TMZ on where negotiations for the potential mega-fight between Conor McGregor and “Money” himself are. 

White has given fans an update which included his thoughts on Mayweather recently openly admitting that McGregor could beat him in the highly touted boxing match.

The undefeated boxer had been speaking in front of cameras about the prospect of taking on the UFC lightweight champion when he stated that the result of the fight, were it to happen, is not a formality. “Money” spouted a line that followers of this whole saga will now be well accustomed to.

He is complimentary of the Dubliner’s skills and leads fans to believe that, of course the Irishman has a chance of winnning in a boxing match against arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all-time. McGregor has had all his success in MMA through stand-up striking, the 40-year-old concedes.

Check out Floyd’s latest comments in the clip below, where he urges fans awaiting the fight announcement to be patient.

Dana has responded to Mayweather’s words, admitting that he’s never heard the five-time world champion speak like that before a fight. White continues to deliver some news that may come as a concern to fight fans anticipating the mega-fight happening anytime soon.

As negotiations continue, there is still no time scale on contract signatures. The UFC president sings off the same hymn sheet as Floyd when he insists that fans must be patient when waiting for confirmation of the bout. This agreement is nowhere near a forgone conclusion. For the deal to be sealed, satisfying every party involved in such a mega-fight is going to take a lot of time, taking the size of ego in all corners in to consideration.

White remains coy over what is holding up negotiations, but is clear in his point that there is a delay in getting the fight done, and there may be for some time…

Was Floyd making excuses to fall back on by playing the “I’m in my forties, he’s in his twenties” card, were he to see his squeaky clean 49-0 record turn to 49-1 at the hands of McGregor? Or was he doing what he does best – attracting even more interest in the fight to haul in more PPV buys? Time will tell.

Similarly, only time will tell now if we ever even get to see this monumental event take place. Day by day, with negotiations ongoing, the suspense is intensifying.

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Author: The PA Team

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