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Dana White Hooks Disappointed Fan Up With Epic Seats At UFC 201

When an interaction between Dana White and a fan makes headlines, it’s almost always for the wrong reasons.

Generally speaking, it’s because the UFC president has reacted angrily to a comment on social media. Perhaps the word ‘goof’ has been involved in some capacity.

Or maybe something a little more offensive has even been thrown out there.

However, though White has become famous for his unapologetic belligerence in the face of fan and indeed media criticism, he isn’t always so hostile. Something that one fan found out to his delight at UFC 201.

When David West arrived to his seat at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta on Saturday night, he discovered that a “big ass pole” was obstructing his view of the octagon. No, Damian Grabowski hadn’t staggered off into the stands following his 14-second loss to Anthony Hamilton, it was an actual metal pole.

So West decided he would tweet a photo at White to illustrate just how bad things were.

White responded, telling West to direct message him the exact location of his seat.

And just like that, West scored himself a pretty sweet upgrade.

Hey, perhaps Dana is still basking in the happy afterglow of the UFC sale and his resultant $360 million windfall. That’s bound to inspire a few good deeds, right?

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.