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Dana White Attacks Journalist Over Claims That He And Conor McGregor Are Currently At Odds

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Dana White seems a bit miffed….

Jeremy Botter’s recent appearance on Newstalk’s Off the Ball has stimulated plenty of chatter within the MMA media and among fans. The Bleacher Report journalist made a number of sensational claims whilst he was a guest on the show pertaining to the financial terms of Conor McGregor’s new UFC contract, the Irish fighter’s future and the chances of him one day competing at Dublin’s Croke Park.

All of these things generated their own headlines.

The part of the interview that has received the greatest attention, however, dealt with the status of Conor’s current relationship with the UFC’s top brass.

Speculation had mounted in recent months that suggested all was not well between the parties, and Botter’s assertions seemed to add credibility to these theories.

As John Murphy reported early on Saturday, the scribe stated that it was Conor’s relationship with UFC president Dana White specifically that was strained.

“I believe that things between Conor and Lorenzo Fertitta are okay but, from what I understand, Dana White has been frozen out of the process entirely and I don’t know why”.

“They [White and the Fertitta’s] went out and were Conor’s best friends – you’ve seen the video of him driving with Dana down the strip and they’re hanging out at his house when he was training here last year”.

“They thought they had a new best friend but what they actually had was a guy that wanted to be their business partner”.

On Saturday night, however, the pugnacious president responded to these claims with characteristic fervour and hostility, using Twitter as the launchpad for his attack. He denied that any problems existed between he and “The Notorious” featherweight champion, whilst using some rather derogatory language to address Botter, who was not referenced by name.

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