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Could Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Change Fighter Pay Forever?

As the most drawn out saga in MMA news continues, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor are still no closer to a rematch following a meeting between Diaz and the UFC brass.

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta flew out to California to meet with the Stockton native in his hometown, but the UFC president was not happy with the outcome.

Talks reportedly broke down midway through the meeting and ESPN’s Brett Okamoto believes that disagreements over money were the reason that talks ended so abruptly

It’s clear that all parties want this rematch and have done since the first bout ended, but financial negotiations are threatening the fight at every turn.

When McGregor briefly retired and was cut from the UFC 200 card, many believed it was because the ‘Notorious’ wanted to be paid to do his media duties. The rift went on for weeks but in that time McGregor’s star power seemed to grow to an unimaginable level, even being courted for a super-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

While the UFC played down the rumors, they must have been seething at the attention that their supposedly fallen star was getting. Far from being ostracized or put in his place after losing for the first time in the UFC, and then losing his battle of egos with the promotion’s higher-ups, McGregor’s drawing power was growing still.

While most promoters are overjoyed with increases in the drawing power of their stars, the Irish fighter’s box office and Pay-per-view appeal comes at a price.

Not only does McGregor’s status as the undeniable gem of the promotion give him more power, it also inspires others to seek loftier payouts.

Following White and Fertitta’s meeting with McGregor on Wednesday, Nate Diaz demanded¬†“Conor treatment”, as he beckoned the UFC brass to him to discuss the terms of the fight. Alarm bells must have been ringing for Dana and Lorenzo as they took off for ‘the 209’ .

When this fight eventually gets done, and it will get done, we will likely see the highest payout to two fighters in the company’s history. Of course the current record was set by the pair’s first encounter back in March, for which McGregor took home the UFC’s first ever disclosed payout of $1 million and Nate Diaz earned a cool $500k.

The rematch will blow those figures out of the water.

However, it would not be surprising if the UFC made the increases in undisclosed payments in order to maintain the front that they are in complete control.

One thing is for sure though, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor are about to set a new bar for other fighters to try and reach.

The UFC has just officially entered the world of prize-fighting and fighters will be rewarded handsomely.

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Author: The PA Team

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