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Watch: Daniel Cormier Attempts To Explain ‘That’ Towel Incident At His Weigh-In


Daniel Cormier has attempted to clear up any confusion that might have come about from his weigh-in on Friday afternoon.

Cormier initially weighed in at 206.2, which would have put him over the allowed weight and have removed the title stipulation from the fight. However, when he returned moments later he had somehow shed enough weight to be within the limit and thus the light-heavyweight fight can proceed as planned.

While it looked as though Cormier was holding onto the towel in order to shift his weight and thus fool the scales, the man himself was insistent that faulty scales were the reason why he was initially adjudged to have missed the weight when speaking to Fox Sports:

“It was crazy, I weighed in upstairs and I was like ‘Man I’m OK, I’m going to do this.

“It was harder than normally, but we figured we had it done, the scale was weighing different.”

Later, speaking to several gathered reporters, he claimed that he was holding onto the towel so that nobody could, quote, “see his junk” and was not, in fact, subtly lifting himself up with it.:

“What does doing that do? I don’t understand,”

“It’s not something I’ve done before. No, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t show my junk.”

It looked for a brief period as though the 38-year-old would have had to forfeit his belt as a consequence of missing the weight, but New York rules allowed for a retest within two hours of such an occurrence.

With the craziness of “towelgate” now behind him, Cormier is ready to defend his light-heavyweight title against Anthony Johnson at UFC 210’s main event on Saturday night.

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Author: The PA Team

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