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Conor McGregor’s Travelling Army To Double In Size For UFC 194

The Irish Independent are reporting that as many as 5,000 Irish fans will travel to Las Vegas for Conor McGregor’s December showdown with Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

According to the Irish media outlet, 2,400 fans were thought to have traveled for McGregor’s UFC 189 showdown with Chad Mendes in July. This time, however, travel agents are suggesting that more than double that number will make the trip for the featherweight unification fight.

What’s more, is that the agents surveyed were only estimating the numbers travelling from Ireland, and were not including expats that might be living in North America or elsewhere.

While McGregor’s globetrotting army hasn’t quite reached the numbers of Ricky Hatton’s band of followers, who terrorized Vegas between 2006-2009, it seems to be growing with every new venture stateside.

Given the dramatic and awe inspiring nature of some of the footage that emerged from Vegas during McGregor’s last fight, it is hard to imagine what kind of a scene will be produced when the number of Irish fans is so dramatically increased.

“Sin City” better watch out, because these scenes might be made to look like a church picnic come December….

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