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Conor McGregor’s Sports Psychologist Gives An Insight Into A “Notorious” Mind

Conor McGregor’s mental strength is arguably his greatest attribute, but it isn’t something that is purely natural.

MMA fans have been given plenty of insight into the life and routine of Conor McGregor since he burst onto the world scene. The UFC’s Embedded vlogs and RTE’s The Notorious series, as well as a whole host of other documentary style shows, have bared Conor to the viewing public.

From the personal to the professional, it has all been covered.

One thing that seems to have stayed in the background throughout, however, is Conor’s work with a Sports Psychologist by the name of David Mullins.

Mullins has been working with McGregor, and the entire Straight Blast Gym Ireland team, for some years. He began his work at SBG with Aisling Daly, who is now a member of the UFC roster, while on a work placement from college.

It is unusual that Mullins hasn’t received more press coverage. After all, McGregor’s psyche is of great interest to fight fans. In some ways, his supreme confidence and mental strength is what defines him as a fighter and a personality.

Conor has obviously been deeply influenced by his work with Mullins, as many of his most famous quotes, especially those that seem philosophical in nature, involve nuggets of psychological wisdom. When he speaks of visualization, self image, and awareness, you can see the impact that Mullins has had on him.

This man has played a huge role in Conor’s development and success.

He deserves more recognition for his contributions.

If you are interested on getting further insights into the psychology of combat sports here are some videos in which Mullins talks about his work.

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