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Conor McGregor Weighs In On Ronda Rousey Loss, Tells Donald Trump To ‘Shut His Big, Fat Mouth’

TMZ caught up with Conor McGregor shortly after he landed in Los Angles on Monday, and asked the UFC interim-featherweight champion for his opinion on Ronda Rousey’s recent defeat.

“The Notorious” one had yet to make any public comments on the loss of the UFC’s other big star, but as he strolled through LAX he offered words of support for the former women’s bantamweight champion, as well as congratulations to her successor.

“Very tough fight. Holly fought a great fight. And much respect. This is the fight business. These things happen. Ronda will be back. True champions come back. And congratulations to Holly, the new champion”.

As usual, McGregor added in a philosophical musing. “Defeat is the secret ingredient to success”, suggested the Irishman.

The reporter also asked Conor for his opinion on Donald Trump’s reaction to the outcome of the UFC 193 main event.

The Republican presidential candidate took to Twitter in the aftermath of Ronda’s knockout loss, and put the boots to the downed fighter.

The interviewer, however, mistakenly attributed complaints about Rousey’s refusal to touch gloves with Holm to Trump. Those comments were widespread, though, and McGregor had an answer for both Trump and those who criticized Rousey’s pre-fight actions.

“It’s easy for someone that’s not in there to comment. It’s different when you’re in there – emotions are high. It is what it is. You either want to touch gloves or you don’t. That doesn’t matter”.

“Donald can shut his big, fat mouth. I don’t give a f**k about Donald Trump”

So McGregor has landed in the United States for five minutes and is already making headlines by lashing out at a presidential candidate.

Conor, what would we do without you?

With UFC 194 and his fight with Jose Aldo just around the corner, there are plenty more headlines to be made.

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