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Conor McGregor: Today I Had A Bare-Knuckle Fight With A 180kg Monster Called ‘The Mountain’ [Pic]

Dublin’s Straight Blast Gym had a very special visitor on Friday, as Hafthor Björnsson stopped in to hang out with fellow Icelander Gunnar Nelson and, of course, Conor McGregor.

What a gathering! You only have to look at the monikers of those involved to get a feel for the magnitude of this meeting. You had “The Notorious” – a man of clearly unrivalled fame. You had “The Mountain” – more geographic feature than man. And you had…. “Gunni”. Sorry Gunnar, but your nickname doesn’t quite have the same oomph.

Anyway, Björnsson, who is not only a star of HBO’s ludicrously successful Game of Thrones but also Europe’s strongest man, took a couple of snaps with the fighters, both of whom are deep in preparation for massive bouts at UFC 194. He also posed for one picture with McGregor in which the pair are squaring-up as if they are about to throw down.

“Today I had a bare-knuckle fight off a 180kg monster called ‘The Mountain’ I’d never fought a man that big before”, read the UFC interim-featherweight champion’s Twitter post.

Jose Aldo will be having vivid nightmares about having his skull crushed by the hands of a Björnsson-schooled McGregor after he see’s these pictures.


The video evidence!

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