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Conor McGregor Set To Speak To US Congress On Behalf Of MMA Fighters [Report]

Conor McGregor is reportedly set to speak to the US Congress in an attempt to strengthen legal protections for mixed martial artists. 

On Wednesday evening, The Telegraph reported that the Irish MMA superstar could address the United States Congress in order to assist a campaign that is aiming to extend the ‘Ali Act’ from boxing to MMA.

The act currently protects the rights of professional boxers in a number of ways but, those same safeguards are not offered to mixed martial artists.

US Congressman Markwayne Mullin is hoping to get a bill passed that would extend the legal protections for boxers to MMA fighters and, speaking to Reuters, Mullin claimed that McGregor will back his campaign on Capitol Hill.

“We have been told by his team that he [McGregor] was going to come to the Hill to talk about this,” Mullin stated.

However, although the Republican’s efforts do seem noble, some have taken issue with Mullin’s intention to have a regimented rankings system put in place that would restrict the manner in which fights could be made.

Peyton Manning (former Colts & Broncos quarterback) could never have made it in the UFC because he was a great athlete but he wasn’t a good self-promoter,” Mullin explained.

“We want to make it a professional sport where a guy who is not a loud-mouth can still climb the ranks and eventually have that title shot – right now, you can’t get a title shot unless you sell a lot of tickets.”

Although the number of so-called ‘money fights’ in the UFC does seem to be increasing with Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping set to fight for the middleweight title at UFC 217 in November, Mullin’s comments simultaneously seem to be out of touch with countless title shots offered to fighters who don’t necessarily ‘sell a lot of tickets’ in recent years.


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