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Five Things We Learned From Conor McGregor’s Surprise Barrage Of Tweets

Conor McGregor held an unannounced Q & A session on his official Twitter account today and some of what he put out gave an incredible insight into his current frame of mind and his plans moving forward.

The media interest in the ongoing McGregor/UFC dispute has petered out somewhat in recent days with most now accepting that the ‘Notorious’ Irishman will not be on the UFC 200 card.

However, there are still many questions that MMA fans want answered and, in sending out a string of tweets this afternoon, McGregor finally gave his supporters (and detractors) some insight into his current train of thought.

Check out five of the most interesting things we learned from his unannounced barrage of tweets below;

1- Conor is still absolutely determined to fight Nate Diaz next

With McGregor removed from the UFC 200 card for failing to fulfill his media obligations, many have recently suggested that the rematch with Nate Diaz will now be scrapped… not so according to the featherweight champion.

Conor already sent out a video encouraging the UFC to reschedule the rematch on his official Facebook page on Sunday and, speaking on his Twitter account today, McGregor spoke about his preparation for Diaz as if the rematch is still certain to happen.

2- He has finally accepted that he will not be fighting at UFC 200

Although Conor did come across as confident that he will still get the Diaz fight that he desires, it did also seem that the Irish fighter is defeated when it comes to the battle to get back on the UFC 200 card.

Asked if he thought the July the 9th event would reach 1.5 million pay-per-view buys, McGregor spoke about 200 as someone who simply would not be there. It was apparently ‘not to be’.

3- He seems to be certain of what went wrong at UFC 196 and knows how to fix it for the rematch

Speaking about the proposed rematch with Diaz, McGregor repeatedly released the same three words; ‘you will see’.

The insinuation was very much that he knows something the rest of us don’t and that he very much has his finger on what went wrong at UFC 196.

One way or another, he is right. We will all certainly see.

4- He is still planning on returning to 145 to defend his belt

With McGregor having moved up a whopping 25 lbs to compete at welterweight, many have suggested that the Irishman has now put on too much muscle mass to ever go back down to 145.

Frankie Edgar himself has stated on numerous occasions that he can’t see McGregor ever competing at featherweight again. However, asked about potentially fighting the winner of Aldo vs Edgar 2, Conor was quick to state that he is looking forward to defending his belt.

5- He is still absolutely certain of his value

Although the UFC have attempted to show him who is really in control in removing him from the 200 card, it seems that McGregor still has unwavering confidence in his value.

Asked if he thought it was safe to say that he’d overtaken Brock as the single biggest draw in MMA history, McGregor had the following to say.

The Irishman finished his session with an ingenious message that perfectly summed up his points when it comes to his media draw.

Despite doing little to no press since this whole saga began, Conor’s tweets and statements have still generated more interest and coverage than the millions the UFC have spent on promoting 200.

In doing no press, the ‘Notorious’ Irishman still gets the most press. He’s certainly not wrong there.

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Author: The PA Team

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