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EXCLUSIVE: Conor McGregor Talks To Pundit Arena In Midst Of UFC Dispute

Conor McGregor Exclusive

Over the past few days, the media storm surrounding the ongoing dispute between Conor McGregor and the UFC has been unlike anything previously witnessed in the world of MMA.

On Tuesday night, the featherweight champion sent out what was the most retweeted message by any athlete ever, smashing Kobe Bryant’s record for his own retirement announcement back in November of 2015.

Since then, the whirlwind that has been the back and forth between the UFC and their biggest star has sent shockwaves throughout the sporting world with the question on everyone’s mind now being; how will Dana White and the UFC react to the statement Conor released on Thursday evening and will the Notorious Irishman still make the card at UFC 200?

On Friday morning, two of Pundit Arena’s own (@JohnRMurphy and @TheBoyBarrett) set out to Reykjavik in Iceland on a last minute flight to see if they could catch up with the SBG star at his new base in Mjolnir MMA.

Conor McGregor
Pundit Arena’s Richard Barrett (@TheBoyBarrett) and John Murphy (JohnR_Murphy) with UFC Featherweight champion, Conor McGregor.

Despite the ongoing controversy, the Irish champion seemed totally at ease strolling down the Icelandic streets.

Asked how he was feeling in the midst of the biggest dispute of his still young career, McGregor immediately responded;

‘I’m feeling good buddy, I’m feeling good. I’m over here, I’m training hard and we’ll see how things go.’

However, moving on from the positivity and the clear indication that he is continuing to train as if his appearance at UFC 200 is a given, Conor went on to suggest that his future is still very much up in the air.

‘I’m enjoying retired life for now.’

Although, Conor is quite clearly the most gifted PR man in the history of MMA, it was quite obvious that he, as was suggested in the statement he released on Thursday, is far more focused on his preparation on this occasion.

‘I’ve been sick of the cameras a long time,’ he laughed. ‘Yet here you two are!’

After jokingly suggesting that we jump in the ring with him at his training base before we parted ways, without missing a beat, McGregor responded;

‘Well, you won’t be stepping out.’

As for his future and whether he still intends to fight at UFC 200, Conor said it all with his somewhat brazen tweet on Friday morning. The ball is very much in Dana White and the Fertitta’s court. #YourMove

Check out the exclusive footage in the clip below;

Exclusive: Conor McGregor Talks To Pundit Arena In Midst Of UFC Dispute from Edward Balli on Vimeo.

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