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Conor McGregor Posts Extraordinarily Cheeky Photo Sparring With Paulie Malignaggi

Conor McGregor is looking in absolutely phenomenal shape ahead of his August 26th bout with Floyd Mayweather and, if his Instagram posts are anything to go by, the SBG star is so confident he is literally having fun with his sparring partners.

Clean work.

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Paulie Malignaggi is a former world champion and a very respected figure in the boxing realm. Speaking recently, both Malignaggi and McGregor confirmed that the American would be joining the Irishman’s camp to help him prepare for his much-anticipated bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Although Malignaggi has been reasonably respectful in the manner in which he has publicly spoken about McGregor, the American has stated on multiple occasions that he doesn’t believe the Irishman has a prayer of actually beating his 40-year-old opponent.

As a result, McGregor seems to have taken issue with the former two weight world champion’s comments and has stated that Malignaggi would have to answer for them in sparring.

‘Paulie talked a load of sh*t. He’s been brought in to spar… We’re gonna have a knock and he’s gonna have to answer to what he’s been saying.’

On Friday morning, McGregor posted the first image of the pair together in the ring with the Irishman seemingly given the former champion little respect in an extraordinary image.

They say I’ve got no hands.

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In this case, a picture certainly paints a thousand words but at the same time, it may not tell the full story as it’s surely impossible to judge who came out on top in the sparring match via one sole image.

Having said that, it is interesting to see how little respect McGregor is showing the boxing veteran in the moment captured and does make one wonder if the Irishman handled Malignaggi with as much ease as the image suggests.

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