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Conor McGregor Is Going To Make Jose Aldo Fight “Look Easy” Says His Striking Coach

Conor McGregor’s striking coach has stated that “The Notorious” will not only beat Jose Aldo on December 12th, but that he will do so in devastating fashion.

Most of you probably won’t be familiar with the fighting career of Owen “Rowdy” Roddy, but if you have been following either the ongoing season of The Ultimate Fighter or Conor McGregor’s Twitter account you may be familiar with Roddy as a stand-up coach.

The Dubliner, who was once a highly-rated bantamweight, has been a regular feature on both those mediums. For his work on the UFC’s reality vehicle, Roddy recently drew high praise from Team Europe’s Saul Rogers, who waxed lyrical about the “amazing pad work” of the SBG representative in an interview with SevereMMA. While McGregor himself often posts news of his fantastic “plotting” sessions with Roddy on the mitts.

If you still don’t recognise the name, just know that Roddy is one of the unsung heroes of ‘Team McGregor’. After all, it is Conor’s striking that has been the key to his success.

Given his importance to the cause, it was very interesting to hear Roddy break down the UFC 194 main event in a recent interview with Peter Carroll of Fightland.

The man who dons the body-belt and regularly faces up to the ferocious strikes of the UFC interim-featherweight champion expressed unyielding confidence in his charge, even going so far as to predict an embarrassing night for the legendary Brazilian. Roddy, however, didn’t leave his prediction without foundation. He provided ample reason for his beliefs with some insightful technical analysis, suggesting that Conor’s ability to dictate range and distance would be the telling factor.

“I think Conor is going to shock everybody again. Honestly, I think he’s going to make this look easy. I really think Conor is going to embarrass Aldo. I think Aldo is going to come out very aggressive, Conor will make him miss and then he’s going to punish him for that with his devastating striking”.

“Aldo has to close that distance and Conor is a lot bigger than him, he’s a lot longer. In order for Aldo to land, he’s going to have move forward. He has to get on the inside to land them shots and that’s when he’s going to get clipped. Conor is going to be very elusive and he’ll crack him as he’s trying to come in”.

“Conor’s understanding of the whole striking game is what sets him apart from the rest of the field. He’s very good at reading people, he’s very good at judging range and being able to land and then getting out of dodge. Until people go in and do a round with Conor they don’t realize how good he is at actually doing that”.

For these reasons, Roddy suggested that the massive unification bout won’t make it past the second stanza.

“I can see it being over late in the first round or early in the second, Conor will win by KO or TKO. There is no way Aldo is going to be in there for the whole fight. He’s going to get clipped a couple of times, he’ll panic, he’ll get reckless and then the finish won’t take too long to come after that. Aldo is very tough as well, so it really comes down to how long he can take those punishing shots, but I can’t see it going passed the second”.

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Author: The PA Team

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