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Watch: Epic Compilation Of Conor McGregor’s Best In-Cage Trash-Talk

Conor McGregor has long been considered the master of pre-fight mind games, famous for using trash-talk to unsettle opponents and draw emotional responses that effect their subsequent performances.

However, with McGregor, the mind games never end, not even after the fists, feet, elbows and knees start to fly.

Back in April, veteran MMA referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy spoke to MMAJunkie about the fighters who are most verbose inside the cage. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, McGregor’s name was mentioned alongside those of Nick and Nate Diaz.

“Conor is the one,” said McCarthy. “He talks a lot,” added the former policeman, dragging out the ‘o’ sound in “lot” for effect.

“He goes, ‘Oh, that hurt didn’t it. Boom! How’d that feel,'” said ‘Big’ John.

It’s not just when he is on the ascendancy and landing strikes that McGregor is taunting opponents though. After the Irishman had come through some hairy moments to finish him in the second round of the UFC 189 main event, Chad Mendes spoke about how ‘The Notorious’ one continued to talk even when he was eating massive, damaging and bloodying elbows.

“I mean, you got to give it to him, the guy didn’t stop talking shit the entire time. I was hitting him with everything I had and the guy was still running his mouth” Mendes said at the post-fight presser. “That’s Conor I guess.”

“I would land a giant elbow on his face and he would say, ‘Is that all you got?’ So, it was just stuff like that'”

Actually, it seems that Chad was trying to keep things P.G, because McGregor was saying a lot more than that.

A recent video put together by YouTube channel JFcombat combines clips of McGregor bouts with subtitles, giving us some added insight into that famous battle with Mendes, as well as the SBG product’s fights with Dennis Siver, Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz, Eddie Alvarez and others.

You can check out the entire video below…

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Author: The PA Team

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