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Conor McGregor Has Been Called Out By Yet Another Boxing Champion

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has been called out by yet another boxing great, this time by the former two division champion Ricardo Mayorga.

Despite being on a hiatus from the octagon to focus on family and impending fatherhood, the ‘Notorious’ ones continues to stir the emotions of those in the MMA and boxing fraternities.

With a long running war of words with Floyd Mayweather Jr continuing to simmer, it seems that since it was confirmed that the Irishman was granted a boxing license for the state of California, other top boxers, past and present have taken to having a pop at the UFC superstar.


Reported in the Bleacher Report, via boxingscene, former two division champion Ricardo Mayorga, now 44 and no longer in his prime, recorded a video in which he outlined his plans for the Crumlin native,

“McGregor, I admit that he’s has been very good at mixed martial arts, but in boxing he is making mistakes … As soon as I grab him, I’m going to break him down, I’m going to disintegrate him.

“If you are looking for me, you will find me. I have not fought, as they say, with [scrubs and journeymen], with a ghost record like [McGregor] has. But if he wants to fight and he’s looking for me – he’s going to find me. Let him tell me when he wants us to fight and where he wants to do it.

“In boxing, when we step in the ring – he’s going to know that I’m a man and he’s a woman. McGregor is wide open when he fights … I’m going to lower his jaw to his navel, so he learns to fear me and shows respect.

“I’m going to exterminate that clown fast. He’s going to be very sorry, because in the sport of boxing he is not on my level. I do not feel old or defeated. I know I can play with that bearded man … and I’ll send him back to Mixed Martial Arts and that’s where he should be.”

While it remains to be seen if McGregor has any real intention to make use of his boxing license, it is clear he wont be short of opponents if he does.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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