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Why A Conor McGregor Fight Announcement Could Be Made This Week

Dana White has confirmed that the UFC is planning on Conor McGregor headlining an event that is just eight weeks away. 

Despite the fact that UFC 219 is less than two months away and Conor McGregor is still drinking screwdrivers, Dana White has stated in no uncertain terms that the promotion is planning on the Irishman headlining their flagship, end of year event.

McGregor has been out of the gym for some time and was celebrating the release of his new, feature-length documentary during the week. With this in mind, it seems somewhat outlandish to think that McGregor could have a full training camp done in time for a likely clash with the terrifying Tony Ferguson.

However, asked if he would like to see McGregor fighting again before the end of the year [UFC 219], UFC President Dana White confirmed that the promotion not only wants it, they are planning on it.

‘We are planning on it [Conor headlining UFC 219]. He wants to and we want him to so, we’ll see what happens.’

McGregor recently stated that he wanted to be a co-promoter if he was to step foot back in the Octagon and, although the request seemed somewhat farfetched, Dana White didn’t seem to be in anyway fazed by it.

‘Look, the kid wants some money, the kid wants some stuff but if there’s anybody out there who’s worth it, it’s Conor McGregor. We’ve always figured it out with him and we’ll figure it out again.’

With all of the above taken into consideration, it seems more than plausible that a McGregor fight announcement could be made within the next week. In fact, if the UFC are actually set on the Irishman taking to the Octagon in Las Vegas on December 30th, it seems impossible that there wouldn’t be.

However, if negotiations cannot be concluded successfully within that time frame, the UFC will surely have to look elsewhere as the event is simply too close for any self-respecting training camp to take place.

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Author: The PA Team

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