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Conor McGregor Fan Pens Epic Rant Slating Diaz Trilogy

Despite the fact that it is currently the heavy favourite for Conor McGregor’s comeback bout, there seems to be a huge lash back against the highly mooted Nate Diaz trilogy bout.

On Wednesday, Conor McGregor seemed to finally confirm that his post-Mayweather celebrations were over and he had returned to SBG Ireland for training.

Although John Kavanagh recently stated that he couldn’t really see McGregor returning to the Octagon in 2017, UFC President Dana White seems convinced that the Irishman wants to come back before the year is out.

Whether McGregor makes his return in December or early next year is one thing, however, there seems to be even more confusion surrounding the UFC champion’s opponent in that very comeback bout.

Although Tony Ferguson just won the interim lightweight title at UFC 216, McGregor has refused to even acknowledge the bout took place and as such, many believe that he has little interest in taking on the 33-year-old.

With this in mind, a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz remains the heavy favourite for the SBG star’s MMA comeback. However, at this moment in time, it seems that it is not a choice that would go down very well with fans.

One McGregor fan has now taken to Reddit to articulate the reasons why he’s disappointed in the man who first turned his head in the direction of mixed martial arts.

Brilliantly and passionately explaining why the Nate Diaz fight makes little to sense at this moment in time, the epic rant can be read in full below…

So I like Conor McGregor a lot, it was Conor’s fights that really drew me into the UFC after watching really casually over the last few years. I watched the cards that he was on, saw other fights, came to be fans of other people as a result and ultimately got invested in a bunch of other fighters, but it was the Conor hype machine that drew me in, and now after the Money Fight is done, and Tony Ferguson is the interim Lightweight Champion, I’m disappointed that we’re several days removed from that fight, and the man who is world renowned for his talking hasn’t uttered a fucking peep about fighting him.

Instead we’re hearing dumb shit about a Nate trilogy, and one of Conor’s coaches saying that in Conor’s mind, he’s still the 145 and 155 pound champion because no one’s come and taken the belts from him, like that’s any kind of logic when he seems to have no intention of actually defending the fucking things. For all intents and purposes, those belts may as well be buried in a god damn cave on the moon, and it’s all the more frustrating because AFAIC Conor stands a damn good chance of starching any top 10 LW if he ever decides to come out of the castle he’s built in his living room out of stacked up Benjies and fight one of them.

Conor vs Ferguson, Conor vs Khabib, either one of these fights would be fucking awesome and really interesting to see. Instead it looks like if we get anything, we’re getting a Nate trilogy fight that will most likely end similarly to either one of the other two fights we’ve already seen.

I’m disappointed, boys. I’m disappointed. – Reddit user: TheManTheyCallAsher

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As a Conor fan, I’m disappointed from MMA

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