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Conor McGregor Cuts A Forlorn Figure In New Post-Fight Footage From UFC 196

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Some new footage that has emerged of the scenes which followed Conor McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 is both tough to watch and impossible to turn away from.

Watching the bloodied Dubliner stagger around the octagon, where we have become much more accustom to seeing him strut, is jarring to say the least.┬áHis head still in a daze courtesy of the left-hand of Stockton’s finest and dejection written across his battered face, McGregor attempts to digest the devastating events of the previous few minutes.

The fallen fighter cuts a forlorn figure.

It’s raw, very human, intensely gripping and enough to conjure feelings of sympathy in even the most ardent of McGregor haters.

Credit to Redditor okonemoreaccount, who we are going to assume is responsible for the addition of the apt Coldplay track, for unearthing the clip.

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