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Conor McGregor Has Made His Boldest Prediction Yet For Saturday Night

Just four days out from what is being dubbed the biggest fight in combat sports history, it is fair to say that everyone is excited, regardless of whether they will admit it or not. 

Conor McGregor is stepping into the world of Floyd Mayweather, attempting to rock the landscape of not only the fight game, but the entire sporting world. After all, it is widely accepted that if the MMA superstar can complete what appears to be mission impossible and become the first man to defeat Floyd Mayweather in his first first venture in professional boxing we will have witnessed the biggest sporting upset of all time.

The Irishman insists that the masses writing off his chances are crazy, and that he is fully equipped and prepared to shock the world. With an intense training camp under his belt, McGregor is locked and loaded, ready to conquer the sport of boxing.

Throughout the buildup to the fight both competitors have been fulfilling media obligations, hyping the fight with an unprecedented worldwide press tour along with countless interviews. One theme has remained constant in the UFC champion’s words – he is convinced that he will be victorious come August 26 and that he will be so in a convincing fashion.

Conor McGregor

McGregor has proclaimed he will knock Floyd out within the first four rounds of the bout since day one. However, in a recent sit down interview the Dublin native has gone a step further in his prediction of the outcome of the eagerly anticipated contest.

Conor now believes that Saturday night’s fight will be one of th easiest of his career. To be precise, he foresees the bout being the third shortest of his illustrious career to date. He has stated that he sees his 40-year-old opponent lasting no longer than ten seconds in his company in the T-Mobile Arena ring in Las Vegas.

“I am prepared to go the full twelve rounds with this man, but I am also prepared to knock him out in ten seconds and it would not surprise me if that happens.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” he continued.

“Size, reach, power, precision, all in my favour.

“I hit you, you fall.”

Check out McGregor’s audacious prediction and explanation for such in the clip below:

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Author: The PA Team

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