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Conor McGregor Shares Insightful Analysis Of Chuck Liddell’s Loss To “Rampage” Jackson

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor treated fans to an MMA history lesson and some intriguing fight analysis on Facebook recently.

From 2004-2006 Chuck Liddell was a seemingly unstoppable concussion-compiling machine. After winning the light-heavyweight title from Tito Ortiz via 2nd round TKO at UFC 47, “The Iceman” registered 6 successful defences, all by way of stoppage.

His power and knockout-focused style made Liddell the promotion’s biggest star, and this run was responsible for huge growth in the UFC’s fan base.

Among those whose passion for the sport was cultivated in-part by Chuck’s marauding tear through the 205lb ranks was Conor McGregor. How big of a Liddell fan was the young and not yet “Notorious” McGregor? The tweet below should answer that question.

Nobody has been or ever will be as happy as the Dubliner is in this photo. Liddell on the other hand looks as though somebody out of shot has just pulled the pin from a grenade.

Anyway, the UFC’s ice age came to an abrupt end in May of 2007, when Quinton “Rampage” Jackson battered Liddell to a thawing first-round stoppage.

It was a result that apparently made a lasting impact on McGregor, who recently shared his analysis of the fight’s finishing sequence with his many millions of Facebook friends.

The UFC featherweight champion wondered in text if things might have been different had Liddell committed to a body shot that he threw right before Jackson dropped him to the canvas. He also compared MMA to boxing, pointing out that with the aid of an 8-count and the respite that comes with it, Liddell would have easily recovered from the effects of the initial punch. In the much harsher environment of the cage however, Chuck was pounced upon and pummeled until the referee intervened.

You can check out the post below…

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