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Conor McGregor On Aldo: I Want To Cuddle Him, Tell Him It’ll Be Okay

A polemicist like Conor McGregor does not have to pay a publicist, his mouth beats the drum for him.

When Conor McGregor talks, there are two certainties; the world will list and someone will earn more money. The fights may not happen straight away but the Notorious One appears to be plotting several steps ahead so he can fight the cream of the UFC promotion, regardless of weight class.

He started his Tuesday with a media event in downtown LA and started by speaking about his usual press target Jose Aldo.

“I’m hoping Jose will show up. I’m going to retire him, end his career, and then I’ve done what I’ve said I’ll do. I said I’m going to kill the featherweight division, there’s nobody left.”

Adding to his usual Aldo sermon – McGregor borrowed Ronda Rousey’s now trademarked “Do Nothing B*tch” catchphrase and applied it to Aldo.

“Before me, there was no main event featherweight fight. No featherweights would fight in the main event unless the world title was at stake.  Even then, because Jose is a ‘do nothing b*tch’ as Ronda would say, he fights very little, it was maybe one or two. Now since I burst on the scene, there are eight, nine, ten featherweight main events.”

“I’m trying to be positive with him. They brought him into The Ultimate Fighter gym on the final day (of TUF filming). I shook his hand, I’m not trying to scare him. I cannot scare him anymore. I want to cuddle him and tell him that it’s going to be okay. I want to shake his hand and show him its okay. I want to tell him stop being a pu**y, it will be over soon and you’ll be back to your normal life with your wife and your kids. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.”

He went on to say that upon unifying his and Aldo’s title he would move up from the 145lb weight class, with one exception – Frankie Edgar – who fights McGregor’s fallen nemesis Chad Mendes the night before The Ultimate Fighter finale.

“If Frankie was to put on a phenomenal performance and stop Chad, or maybe something like that, then I can say, alright, let’s answer the Frankie question, let’s shut him down real quick.  But in my mind, I’m thinking, I’m going to unify the belts, I’m going to destroy the division, and then I’m going to take the lightweight division as well. That’s where I’m headed right now.”

While on the topic of Mendes, Notorious continued to be incendiary.

But our gracious champion wasn’t finished there, no. McGregor continued to defecate on the rest of his fellow main card stars, returning his attention to Lightweight (155lb) Division champion Rafael dos Anjos, with whom he has had heat with previously and Donald Cerrone, a fighter McGregor can often been seen as having banter with on UFC Embedded.

The locker room chats may not be as friendly after McGregor let fire about the Florida Fight Night main event fighters:

“I wouldn’t want to fight a lightweight guy to get the numbers because who the f—, Rafael has nothing, Donald has nothing. Rafael will be looking to make six figures this fight, and rightfully so. He shouldn’t even make six figures, because he doesn’t even bring in six figures.

“Donald will scrape six figures because he shows up and fights every couple of weeks. But he won’t earn much more than that. I already have the numbers, so when I go to the lightweight division, it will be to gain more gold, to warm up my other shoulder.”

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