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Conor McGregor On What’s Next: ‘There’s A Lot Of Options, Some Might Not Be This Sport’

What’s next for Conor McGregor after his scorcher with Nate Diaz at UFC 202?

A third fight with the Stockton native maybe? A return to featherweight and the first defence of his world title? Perhaps a challenge for another belt at lightweight. Who knows, he may even be thinking of extending his run at welterweight. And if so, what about a fight with returning former champion Georges St-Pierre?

‘The Notorious’ Irishman has an astounding array of appealing options in front of him following his thrilling redemptive victory.

However, most discussions about what’s next for McGregor have been ignoring another possible outcome – probably because it’s not seen as realistic.

The SBG product seems to disagree.

As he left the T-Mobile Arena with the aid of crutches on Saturday night, McGregor was interviewed by @The Buzzer and when the inevitable question regarding his immediate future was asked, the UFC cash cow reminded fans and the media that he has options outside of MMA as well.

“I’ve got to talk about what’s next,” said Conor. “There’s a lot of options; some might not be this sport. So, we’ll see.”

It doesn’t take a master of deduction to figure out what McGregor was alluding to. During the 28-year-old martial artist’s lengthy stand-off with UFC executives in April and May, there was a great deal of speculation regarding the possibility of a boxing match between he and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather admitted to starting the rumours, but McGregor didn’t do anything to silence them. In fact, he seemed more than a little interested in making the leap to pure pugilism, and he still does.

As Conor has said before though, Mayweather will have to come up with a nine-figure sum to lure him away from the comfort of the cage.

It’s worth noting that another boxer also showed interest in having a business discussion with the brash Dubliner after his majority decision win in Vegas. Amir Khan has said that he would be willing to step into the octagon to fight McGregor under MMA rules, although he added that it would have to be part of a two-fight deal which would also include a boxing bout, and the British boxer tweeted the following at the UFC star on Saturday.

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