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Confirmed: Conor McGregor’s Opponent For UFC 200 Has Finally Been Announced

It has finally been announced that Conor McGregor will indeed face Nate Diaz for the second time at UFC 200, while there is a mammoth co-main event in the billing. 

The gossip had been circulating for going on two weeks before today’s announcement finally put the rumours to bed. Conor McGregor will once again face Nate Diaz at 170 pounds on July the 9th.

Although the initial reaction to the potential rematch was one of disappointment, over the past 14 days, many MMA fans have wrapped their head around the logic of the bout and it is now believed that it will in fact draw greater interest than any other fight the ‘Notorious’ could have taken.

Nate Diaz stares on as Conor McGregor steps on the scales pre UFC 196
Nate Diaz stares on as Conor McGregor steps on the scales pre UFC 196

Speaking about the bout on his podcast, Joe Rogan explained why the fight was going to be so absolutely massive for all involved.

“The rematch is where the big money’s at,” Rogan said. “The rematch is goddamn, Scrooge McDuck, giganti-huge, two million plus pay-per-view buys!”

“When Conor got worked by Nate it changed the whole game. Everything changed – everyone’s approach to him. When you watch a guy get beat up and strangled like that, then everyone goes….could Rafael Dos Anjos do it to him?

Conor wants to prove that he fucked up.”

“With a guy like Conor, you don’t get to go that far, be that successful, or knock out Aldo with one punch, or beat the fuck out of Poirier and Siver, or stop Chad Mendes without being a legit 100% motherfucker.

But the game doesn’t care who you are, or about personalities or confidence.”

Agree or not, it’s finally all said and done now so, unless another pull out is involved, it’s finally safe to say that Conor McGregor will face Nate Diaz at UFC 200.

There have also been three other fights announced on the card.

Here at Pundit HQ, we simply can’t wait…

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Author: The PA Team

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