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Complete Transcript Of Instructions From The Conor McGregor And Eddie Alvarez Corners At UFC 205

Conor McGregor dropped Eddie Alvarez multiple times en-route to relieving the tough Philadelphia native of his UFC lightweight championship via second round TKO at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

In doing so, ‘The Notorious’ Irishman became the first fighter in the history of the world’s premier MMA promotion to hold titles in two weight-classes simultaneously.

He didn’t do it all on his own though. Every man and woman that makes up the fighter’s support group, be they a family member or friend, a training partner or coach, undoubtedly played some role.

Contributing to the cause in the most direct manner on the historic night were SBG head coach John Kavanagh, striking coach Owen Roddy, wrestling coach Sergey Pikulskiy, and training partner Dillon Danis, whom helped guide McGregor to victory from the corner.

If you availed of the UFC 205 Pay-per-view through a UFC TV PPV stream you will have been privy to some of the advice that the trio offered McGregor during the bout.

But if you didn’t, check out the transcript of the audio below.

Round 1

Owen Roddy: Be patient. Get him to throw, Conor. Get him to throw!

John Kavanagh: Patience, Conor…patience.

Roddy: Left hand, lead uppercut.

[Alvarez tries for a takedown, McGregor backs up and they end up in the clinch]

Kavanagh: Disengage!

Dillon Danis: Beautiful, Conor.

Kavanagh: Body as well.

Roddy: Left to the body. There you go. Beautiful!

[Alvarez goes down from another McGregor left hand. McGregor jumps on Alvarez]

Danis: Hips low, Conor.

Kavanagh: Watch that left leg, Conor. He’s coming up on a single leg, be ready to sprawl…Use your hips, Conor.

Danis: Control the leg to pass, Conor.

[Alvarez returns to a standing position]

Kavanagh: Relax…relax.

Roddy: Left hook.

Danis: You are doing beautiful, Conor. Beautiful job.

Kavanagh: Teep!

UFC 205: Alvarez v McGregor

Roddy: Jab, hook, hook. Jab, hook, hook.

Danis: He’s broken, Conor…He’s broken. Patience.

Roddy: Left straight is there.

Kavanagh: Left body kick!

Roddy: Left straight!

End of round 1

Kavanagh: Here you go. Bring the beats down. [To someone else in the corner] Ice please. [Back to McGregor] Nice deep breath. How do you feel?

Conor McGregor: I feel good

Kavanagh: Great shots. Keep the left hand on the counter. Don’t lean in with the left hand – he’s looking to counter with the big right hand, yeah? So pop that jab. The teeps to the body are great. You’re cutting him off. If you feel he’s circling into the left high kick, that’s there too. Okay? So let’s keep that left hand for the counter. Very nice. Nice deep breaths. That’s a warm-up round.

[Referee John McCarthy comes over]

John McCarthy: Great job, just make sure the fingers don’t go to his eyes but great job

Round 2

Danis: He’s biting on the feints. You’ve felt his shots already. They’re nothing!

[McGregor connects with a left]

Roddy: Ohh!! Take your time.

Danis: Conor, he’s broken. Believe, Conor. Believe! You felt his best shots.

Roddy: Jab is there.

Danis: Stay calm, Conor.

Roddy: Jab is there as well.

Danis: He’s doing the same shot over and over.

[McGregor drops Alvarez, but as the lightweight champion rises he pushes the challenger into the fence]

Kavanagh: Chin. That’s it, wrist or chin. Beautiful.

Danis: Beautiful, Conor. Elbows, Conor. Keep that wrist. Beautiful positioning. Keep pulling that over-hook, he can’t shoot with that.

Kavanagh: Very nice, Conor. Humble now. Great wrist control.

Danis: You’ve been there a million times, Conor. A million times. He’s broken, Conor. He’s broken.

[McGregor pushes Alvarez back and creates separation. Moments later he drops Alvarez with a combination and follows up with a pair of grounded strikes. John McCarthy stops the fight]

Kavanagh: YES! YES! YES! Two-time world champion.

UFC 205: Alvarez v McGregor


The approach to cornering on the opposite side of the cage was very different. Alvarez has spoken before about how there is a lot of code involved in Mark Henry’s coaching and corner instructions. That should be apparent from the transcript below. Alvarez has also said that his initial transition to Henry’s camp was not so smooth due to the fact that he wasn’t yet familiar with these codes.

Based on the tone of the instructions being yelled from the corner on Saturday night, it appears that Alvarez was once again struggling to execute Henry’s plan.

[Before the fight]

Ricardo Almeida: He’s going to go right at him. He’s got to be careful.

Round 1

[Eddie lands a leg-kick to begin]

Mark Henry: Yeah! 73 on the knee. Yeah! 73 on the knee! 73 on the knee!

Almeida : Move the head. Move the head.

Henry: 73 on the knee! 73 on the knee! 73 on the knee! You’re too much in front. You’re in front too much! Change. Foot. Foot! That’s it. You’re too much in front!!

Almeida: Foot, foot, foot, foot, foot!

Henry: 73!

Almeida: Foot, foot, foot!

Henry: 73. 73. Eddie, 73.

[Alvarez circles right]

Almeida: He’s going the wrong way. The other way!! Foot, foot, foot!

Henry: Eddie, 73!

[Alvarez goes down hard off a McGregor left, but rises astoundingly quickly]

Henry: 73!

[73 repeated multiple times by both corner men]

Henry: Eddie, chain! Chain, Eddie, chain! Chain. Chain

Almeida: Chain, chain, chain, chain! Chin down. Hands up, chin down. That’s not working, he’s got to mack it.

Henry: Stiff! Stiff! Mac!

Almeida: Mack, mack, mack, mack, mack!

Henry: Eddie, mack. Eddie, mack.

Almeida: Mack. Mack!

[Alvarez hits the deck once again]

Almeida: Eddie, put him in the guard, put him in the guard. Use the cage. Use the cage. Get your knees inside, knees inside.

[Alvarez continues to circle to his right]

Almeida: The other way. 73!

Henry: Eddie, 73. 73. 73, now!.

Almeida: He keeps getting countered. Foot, foot, foot!

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 12: Eddie Alvarez of the United States (left) fights against Conor McGregor of Ireland in their lightweight championship bout during the UFC 205 event at Madison Square Garden on November 12, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Henry: Eddie, on the count of two. On the count of two! Eddie, 73 now!

Almeida: 73!

Third voice: He’s not going to do it, you got to call something else.

Almeida: Foot, foot, foot!

Henry: Eddie, 73!

Almeida: Hands up! Follow up with a shot.

Henry: Eddie follow with a blow. Blow, Eddie, blow! 226! Eddie, 226. 226! 73. Eddie, 73!

End of round 1

Almeida: Take the stool, take the stool. The stool!

Henry: I need you to stutter step before you go. Your speed is the same. Look at me son – I need you to get that shot on his punch. Make him punch and shoot. Be ready to shoot. I want the head outside of his damn right hip and take his butt down. Chain it. If you miss it, chain it. Listen. Look at me. I want you to think you’re gonna miss it. I want you to know you’re gonna miss the first shot. I want the second shot.

Almeida: Your kicks are working good. Listen, you need to mack it. He is throwing his left hand over your hand, you got to mack it.

Round 2

Henry: Mack, Eddie, mack! Cam, Eddie, cam!

Almeida: It’s the only way he throws. If he doesn’t throw, he doesn’t counter, Eddie.

Henry: Eddie, 22 low. Low 22, hard! [Repeated by others]…Eddie, 73 kick. Please, Eddie. Chain, Eddie, chain! Chain, Eddie. Chain!

Almeida: 22. 22.

Henry: Eddie, do 26.

Almeida: He’s throwing over.

[McGregor stuffs an Alvarez takedown attempt]

Henry: Again. Eddie, I need a second one. Eddie, chain. I need chains. Eddie, I need chains. Chain, Eddie, chain! And, and, and.

Almeida: Keep throwing that 20, Eddie – the 20.

Henry: Low 22. Low 22. 73! Eddie, [term unclear]

Almeida: Repeats term 3 times. Hands up, hands up, hands up! 22. 22. 22, hard. 22.

Henry: Eddie 73!

Almeida: The cage!

Henry: Eddie, FC 73!

[Eddie forces Conor against the cage]

Almeida: Nice! Lock the hands, lock the hands. Bounce, bounce, bounce!

Henry: Bounce, Eddie, bounce!

Almeida: Head position. Head position! Eddie, we got to bump the head out.

Henry: Bounce, Eddie, bounce!

Almeida: Get the head outside. Head outside!

Third voice: Head position!

Almeida: Eddie work the head outside. Head outside! [McGregor pushes Alvarez off and moves away from the fence] Foot, foot, foot, foot, foot! He just can’t…

Henry: Eddie move your feet!

Almeida: Move your feet, kid, your feet!

Henry: Straight, Eddie, straight.

Almeida: You got to move your feet.

Henry: You got to move your feet, Eddie. Don’t go outside again. Low 73, Eddie, please listen. Low 73.


[McGregor lands a violent combination of shots to finish the fight]

UFC 205: Alvarez v McGregor

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Author: The PA Team

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